The community suggestions we have received so far…

  • puppies
  • salmon
  • pond, ripples
  • voltron
  • mannequins doin’ wacky/oddball stuff (we got this suggestion 3 different times!)
  • historical timeline-maybe depicting history of Foster…evolution from nature trail to farm to market country road, streetcar, route into city, the future
  • waterfall of different local beers made of rope, wood, dirt, found materials etc.
  • underwater
  • cardboard sculptures
  • bright bold colors
  • multicultural
  • celebrating people & groups of people who do great things in the community or in Portland (multi-media)
  • Battle for Hoth Diorama
  • Empire Strikes Back
  • Texture, lines, pattern art
  • use the triangle shape of Foster-Powell neighborhood as your organizing principle, maybe some kind of daisy flower structure with Foster-Powell triangles being the petals moving outward?…or a mobile based on the triangle.
  • I ♥ Foster Powell
  • Goats?
  • Catinflas and salmon
  • Abstract art with inspiration form children’s art like Eric Carle art techniques and with a combination of culture like Carmen Lomas Garza’s book of family pictures
  • ask local mural artists
  • ask local school kids/art teachers
  • A mural celebrating the surrounding neighborhood’s cultural diversity would be fantastic here. Lots of varied and bright colors to makes this stretch of street pop. The Phoenix Pharmacy design will look great, but is pretty monochromatic and mostly celebrates the historical use of the street. I’d really like to see something celebrating the newer residents that make this ‘hood currently so interesting, along with a visual representation of the complexity of color present in our daily interactions with one another. A complementary opposite to the Phoenix mural, if you will.
  • If a design needs a wooden cut-out of a horse or a horse that could be turned into a unicorn, I have what you’re looking for. I think any art in these windows will look fantastic! Thank you for your work on this project.
  • Agree with celebrating the multicultural, multigenerational, and linguistic diversity of the area. Foster is one of the gateways to the more international districts of the Portland Metro Area…

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