Host Windows

As we receive confirmation from building owners who would like to participate, we will post images of the windows and design processes here. Stay tuned and “FOLLOW” this page so that you can see the progress.

The Foster Window Project would like to thank Buck Froman (and Matt Froman) for being the first property owners to participate in this program. We are working on a timeline for this project and there will be more information soon! We know that we will be creating a painted mural on the plywood boards which currently cover the street level bank of windows.

Through December, look here and at the building itself for ways to leave your input. We want to know what you would like to see here. This is an artistic project; you can be literal and tell us a new business you’d like to see or you can delve your own creativity and give us your most fantastic vision for this space. A word, sentence, paragraph or drawing are all great ways to communicate your idea.

Feel free to comment to this page, to the Foster Powell Neighborhood Association Page or email with your response. You can also deliver your in-person response at the Foster Powell Neighborhood Association meeting on Monday, November 10th at 6:30pm at Bar Carlo



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