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The Foster Window Project is a community art project organized by Vicki Wilson and John Larsen ~ the husband and wife artistic team behind the Foster Powell Community Garden, and a committee of your neighbors in the Foster Powell Neighborhood.

On behalf of the Foster Powell Neighborhood Association, we have been awarded a Southeast Uplift Creative Engagement Grant that will provide materials to create community-based artwork in several underused windows on the Foster Road corridor.

Simply put, we are identifying storefronts which have potential for positive impact on Foster Road and, with the approval of building owners and creative input from the neighborhoods, we are designing and creating installation artwork for those windows. The installations will be determined and created with help from the community.

We are doing this to help promote the neighborhood association, create community, help beautify Foster Road and make storefronts more appealing. It is our hope that un-leased property will receive new interest through this project.

Here’s how it works:

Once a building owner agrees to host a Foster Window Project, a sign will be created and displayed in that window. The sign will inform pedestrians how to register ideas on the question “What would you like to see here?” We will ask our neighbors to imagine what type of activity could take place in the space and provide some general suggestions: a grocery, a café, a bowling alley, an art studio, tai chi classes, clothing store, Laundromat, office supplies. If a “grocery store” is chosen as the overall favorite, our designs would reflect an artistic version of a vibrant grocery store. We might draw from the material language of the store-using grocery bags, shopping carts, huge papier mache fruits and vegetables…

If the building currently houses a business, we would like to highlight that in some way.

Community polling will take place at neighborhood association meetings in both neighborhoods, at community events, local outreach, as well as online.

After a month of polling, design choices will be presented at neighborhood association meetings for a revision and approval process.

After the votes have been tallied,  one of four windows will be completed each month with one or two community work parties per site. Documentation of the project will appear online. Window “treatments” will stay in place until the building owner rents the space, the current business or tenant needs to use the space, or a minimum of one year if the window is not being used.

How to get involved

Business owners can donate supplies, work space, funds or refreshments for events. Anyone can take part in the polling process and anyone can come to the work sessions to help create the work.

For more information, please “FOLLOW” us, or send an email to 62ndgarden@gmail.com.


Vicki Lynn Wilson and John Larsen are both graduates of Pacific Northwest College of Art and have been collaborating on public art and commissioned work since 2002. Vicki also holds an MFA from Portland State University. For over 10 years they both worked for Michael Curry Design, a theatrical design company with clients such as Cirque du Soleil, the Olympics and Disney worldwide. John served as the artistic director at MCD for 7 years and now works as a free-lance web designer. Vicki teaches in the art departments at several Portland area colleges. Their collaborative public art has been installed in Scottsdale, AZ and inside of two exhibits at the Oregon Zoo and they are currently designing public art for Oregon City. Vicki maintains an individual studio practice as well and has exhibited work widely in Oregon and nationally.

DSCF4493 The artists with their work at the Oregon Zoo. More work can be seen at www.vickilynnwilson.net


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