50 Shades of Blue

A huge thanks to about 25 neighbors, including Buck, Sarah, Finn, Pete, Lee, Jeff, Linda, Erin, Nick, Lucy, Matthew, Laura, Erica, Christian, Carla, Bella, Brooklyn, JC, Kelly, Ben, John, Vicki, Mirra and Neshamah (sorry if I missed anyone), who came out to help paint the Phoenix Pharmacy mural last Thursday night. Many hands make light work and over half of the mural was painted in that 4 hour session! Here’s John tracing one of the 20 outlines from a projection, outlines and progress.

IMG_20150103_144706_089      IMG_20150115_190408_635

IMG_20150115_202650_655      IMG_20150115_213437_169

This work could not have been done without the incredibly generous space donation from Performance Works NW. Linda was so accommodating and even let us remain on site at her lovely dance studio through Friday evening to get the mural to about the 90% completion mark. Thanks to everyone who came back on Friday to help more.

IMG_20150116_155819_012  IMG_20150116_170525_563

We also owe our gratitude to Miller Paint. Our closest store on SE Division St donated 11 gallons of paint for this project (5 gallons are of a brown paint for freshen-ing the tag-able areas around the mural). In an effort not to have a lot of leftover paint, we had only the colors of the most prominent areas mixed and then we mixed smaller batches of specialty colors on site. We took careful notes of the mixtures and saved a container of each color for touch ups.

Your lead artists, John and Vicki, are tired! We are taking a little break from this project to work on some other ones, but we intend to mount the mural by the end of the month. When we have an exact day and time for installation (likely-mid day on a weekend). We’ll put the word out for a few strong helpers. We are looking forward, like you are, to seeing this work completed.

Don’t forget to submit your ideas here for the upcoming three-dimensional project for the Habibi building windows!


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