November Update

It was a slow Fall and we found it hard to spread the word about the project. But, then we did…

In the past few weeks, this project has begun picking up steam. A meeting with PDC (Portland Development Commission), some super sleuthing by Kelly at SE Uplift to put us on the right track, a “Yes” from the owner of the Phoenix Pharmacy. and a plan for Performance Works NW to host the community work party for the Phoenix on Thursday evening, January 15th (save the date and thank you PWNW!)

Now we have another “Yes” on this row of storefronts!  More information will follow soon and you will notice that this building gets it’s own tab called The Habibi Building-Host Building #2.

Google Maps

In addition to the big yeses, we also met with some new tenants at 79th and Foster, the Gnostic Catholic Church, Sekhet-Maat Lodge in the space that used to be “Vice for Adults”. Welcome to the street-Clay, Evie and your congregation! We would love to art-up their Foster facing storefront but we know we can have more of an impact other places on the street. They have already been so loving to the inside of the building, we have no doubt they will find a way to bring a bright presence to the storefront. It’s encouraging that a new neighbor has invited us to their space for several reasons. 1) A tenant change from sex toys to church sounds alright to me. 2) The word is getting around about the projects 3) Storefront tenants who like what they see might be inclined to spruce up their own windows if they start to see examples of the possibilities. Another welcome surprise was the few minutes we spent at the Spot 79 when we were early for the meeting and it was very cold outside. We actually didn’t even have time for a drink so this is by no means a review. We always thought it was a strip club and that it would smell like cigarettes and 30 years of various spilled fluids. It’s actually a sports bar and restaurant. We were pleasantly surprised that the interior was clean and pleasant and we might just do karaoke there sometime! The alley between the two buildings was my favorite part-clean, freshly painted. I imagined picnic tables and light strings overhead. I almost forgot where I was!


2 thoughts on “November Update

  1. fosterpowellpdx November 22, 2014 / 6:09 pm

    Sweet! Good work, y’all.

    Also, is this confirmation of a someday-to-be Foster Habibi?


    • 62ndgarden November 22, 2014 / 8:16 pm

      It’s going to be awhile still, but he has several Foster-altering ideas one of which is a Foster Habibi. Wouldn’t that be grand? It was such a pleasure to meet Mr. Khoury. He invested in Foster even though he had opportunities in areas that were already built up. He speaks about his plans for the space with a gleam in his eye and, given the state of his current location, we are in for a treat no matter what he decides!


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